14th May 1956 inaugural meeting held at the Strand Corner House.

13th August 1956 Leytonstone Rotary Club founded and charter granted. This is the official birthday of the club.

1st July 1997 Wanstead and Woodford Rotary Club relinquished their Charter due to declining membership and merged with Leytonstone Rotary Club to become known as Leytonstone and Woodford Rotary Club.

In its first year the Club was able to donate a piano to a local youth group and provide car transport for various local charities.

Since being founded the Club has undertaken many fundraising and community projects, of which the following are but a few.

Street collections at Christmas, race nights, boxing evenings, humanitarian disasters and support to Chigwell Convent for their work in Colombia, San Salvador and Africa.

The building of an ornamental garden and a fish pond, both at Whipps Cross hospital, splash pool at Hatton Special Needs School, Christmas parcels for the elderly and deserving and Christmas presents for children who would otherwise not receive one.

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